How to Prepare the House for Spring?

With spring around the corner, you want your house to be ready for the season. Here are some of the things you can do,

Let light and air in

During winter you would have spent your time by the fire wearing all thick clothes to keep you warm, but in spring with the skies clearing up and the sun showing its glory. Make the maximum out of it by letting it in the house, lighting and warming up your place.

With winter you would have closed all your windows and put heavy curtains to preserve the heat. Spring is the season to let the fresh air in and circulate around the house. During this time having a clean window would be amazing, so get ready for spring with cleaned windows, if it’s too much hassle to do by yourself, then you could hire someone to do it for you.

If your curtains are dark and heavy, change it to something light, if you don’t prefer doing that you can buy some pull backs so you can let as much as light in.

Add white and light colours

Spring is highlighted with white and light colours, try to incorporate this colour in your décor as much as possible to bring that fresh and bright look. Some of the things you can do are, putting white curtains for your window, change your blankets, bedsheets and pillow cases to something white or light coloured. Get white vases or pitchers for your dining table, white wool hall runners, and decorative pieces hung on the wall.

Plant something

Spring best denotes growth and this time is perfect to grow something of your own. If it’s too cold outside to grow anything you can plant greens inside, or get a houseplant or you can get a small herb plant and keep it by the window.

Get some fragrance

A good smelling house is something anyone likes. For this you can get candles, diffusers, wax melts or sprays. Change your fragrances often so you can infuse your house with different fragrances. Some spring time fragrances are lavender, lemon, lilac, honey suckle and etc.

Floral elements

What better way to welcome spring if not for the floral touches. Put some fresh flowers to your vase in the dining table and living room, but if you have allergies, you can still bring the floral element without flowers, some things you can do are get floral bedsheets, faux flower wreaths or bouquets.

Clean up the house and change the arrangement

A clean house will always look good, do a deep clean of your house, and try to change the arrangement of the furniture. This way your house would feel new. Move your lamps to a new place, change the position of your couch and if you have any pieces that are not needed remove them.

Clean your pantry

This is not a fun activity but is something that has to be done. Go through your pantry and take those food you don’t eat and discard them and the rest of the stuff organize them

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